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Our Partners

Our Partners

Sense Image Technologies Pvt Ltd

SENSEIMAGE We have specialization in UAV/DGPS survey including processing geospatial data Like UAV, Aerial and satellite Digital images to produce the Photogrammetry, LiDAR and GIS to support data exploitation services in India. We here in Senseimage have a team of very talented & professional engineers who are trained to pilot our UAVs for various applications in different types of Industries.

  • Detailed Topographical Survey & LULC- Mining & Urban township planning
  • Volumetric analysis and estimation – Mining & Urban township planning
  • Corridor Survey - ROW - Pipeline, Railway & Roads
  • Drone Inspection through live feed using RGB and Thermal sensor
  • Asset management
  • Emergency response
  • Security & surveillance

Nivra Associates

Nivra civil contractors company knows the value of the contractor's business and always collaborates to clients with a tighter schedule and cost effective approach.
Nivra civil contractors (NCC) company always provides best quality services to the client and customers.

  • Focusing on strategic progress.
  • Focusing on market growth.
  • Residential project as an apartment, home commercial complex as offices, shopping mall.
  • Infrastructure complex as roads water storage system, water supply system.
  • Civil contracts.
  • Reconstruction of colonies & building
  • Electric and plumbing contract.

To make a healthy relationship with clients, suppliers and subcontractors or joint venture partner NCC Company also provide service like-

  • Project document controls.
  • Plan rooms.
  • Financial requirement.
  • Tools.


We are an advisory & management company, headquartered in Chennai, India and with presence, globally. Our focus is to help investors to invest in Indian companies that are pre-vetted and in line with the investors objectives. We also provide advisory services to companies that are looking at entering the India market and want to be a part of the India growth story.

Our services include:
  • Identifying the right company to invest in, based on your risk profile.
  • Providing financial & Sales Advisory services for entering the India Market.
  • Providing Support for execution services with respect to people, processes, technology & support.
  • Finally, providing the right management & core execution team for entering the India Market.

These services have been initiated because of a gap that exists in the Investment landscape and the reducing the barrier for entry for New Markets, especially in India.

Our key value includes, providing cross-border investment support, using technology to ensure your money is utilized correctly and under the proper approval mechanisms for control and finally, ensuring the right team is in place to execute the investors & companies’ goals!