L o a d i n g


Banyan Real estate asset digitalization and control refer to the use of digital technologies and data analytics to manage and optimize real estate assets. By digitalizing real estate assets, property owners and managers can gain greater visibility and control over their assets, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the tenant experience.

Some of the key benefits of real estate asset digitalization and control include:

  • Improved asset performance :
    Digital technologies can help property owners and managers to monitor and optimize the performance of their assets, improving energy efficiency, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing the overall value of the asset.
  • Better tenant experience :
    By using data analytics to understand tenant preferences and needs, property owners and managers can enhance the tenant experience, improving retention rates and attracting new tenants.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency :
    Digital technologies can streamline and automate many aspects of building operations, reducing the workload on property managers and improving overall operational efficiency.
  • Better decision-making :
    By using data analytics to gain insights into asset performance and tenant needs, property owners and managers can make more informed decisions about how to optimize their assets.
IMAYAH Flow – Asset Management Automation

Our flagship product – IMAYAH Flow, is created exclusively for the Construction Industry and helps businesses to:

  • 01SAVE
  • SAVE money - about 30% reduction in expenses for companies (increase profitability)

  • INCREASE business (via Sales / Marketing/ Branding – by improving Budgeting)

  • OPTIMIZE existing processes of procurement - streamline operations that save time/effort & money, importantly wasteful and mishandling of funds.

  • 04ALIGN
  • ALIGN with existing technology - integrate with existing systems& build on existing process

  • CONTROL & audit every step of on-going projects– by complete monitoring and adherence, featuring two-stage, approval workflows.