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Group Investment

Group investment in real estate in India refers to a type of investment in which a group of individuals pool their resources to invest in real estate projects. Group investment allows individuals to invest in larger projects that they may not be able to afford on their own and to spread their risk among multiple investors.

Partnerships involve a group of individuals coming together to invest in a specific real estate project, with each partner contributing a specific amount of capital and sharing the profits

Banyan Group has a diverse range of project from long-term property investments to real estate development, wherein we will support the entire PMC to make the project feasible and profitable,

We urge internal stakeholders or groups of individuals or companies to take full ownership of the project.

  • Identifying non-core assets, such as land, that have the potential to be monetized
  • Providing market data on the price and yield that are common in the market
  • Marketing the asset
  • Assist in negotiation and finalization of the deal
  • Structure the transaction
  • Seamless handover of assets to an experienced team of advisors
  • Maximize revenue opportunities by effective Exit strategy
  • Better returns to stakeholders by Gaining optimum lease or sale value