L o a d i n g

Civil Sub Contract

With the finest in class vendors and professionals matched to the best class of work, Banyan Group provides compressive civil subcontracting services.

We cater these service in construction project management consulting

- Carpentry and Flooring Work. Building and installing cabinets at a job site is the specialty of carpentry subcontractors
- Concrete Work.
- Electrical Work.
- Landscaping.
- Masonry and Stone Setting.
- Painting and Paper Hanging.
- Plumbing.

Architectural Services

Everything from practical design to the aesthetic quality of space and shape to the incorporation of engineering services is covered in our architectural work.

- Landscape Architecture
- Interior Architecture
- Architectural Conservation
- Retrofitting of Buildings
- Graphic Design and Signage

Interior Design

Careful space planning is required while creating business layouts. A clutter-free layout not only sets the perfect tone, but also makes room for clean, spacious spaces. When creating a design or layout for the business, careful consideration must be given to space planning, which takes into account both the client's business needs and accommodations.

- Residential Interior
- Industrial Interiors
- Commercial Spacing & Interiors
- Turnkey Projects

Flat Construction & Promotion

We understand your importance and your value in every step and are very conscious to provide the best We encourage customer to be part of the construction in every stage in addition we provide interior decoration solution as add -on services. With our Exclusive Android Application, helps our client to communicate (24x7) with us on every stage of their home done and have a track record on their feedback and suggestion.

- Providing quality housing at appropriate price by effective utilization of resources.
- High Quality material with high end finish
- Timely completion and providing pre and post sales service to customers with "Exclusive Anugraha Android App"
- Adhering to specification
- Customer informed & made part of the construction by implementing their feedback in every completion
- Clear Title
- Loan Arranged